TPB founder sent to jail

The Pirate Bay founder sent to jail.
That’s the most popular stories at several news site at the moment.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have mixed emotion about this story.

There was a time when collecting lots of records from various music genre is fun and enjoyable.
…then one day I decided to stop this madness (collecting hundreds of music records).
Because I think the music quality has degrade over this past years.
And I feel, that I’ve been cheated by the music industry.

Take Metallica for an example.
The band that I used to be proud of; wearing their t-shirt anywhere I roam…
Until they release “Load”.

I remember listening to the whole album, with all of my ex-band members…
…up until the 3rd song, no one speak even a word.
And when “The house Jack built” over, two of my friend start asking the same question:
“Are you sure you bought the right album?”
“…you sure this is Metallica?”
…and I just sat there.
No words coming out of my stupid mouth…
…with those questions ringing over of my poor brain cells, over and over again…

After that accident I’ve been picky with my music, and movie collections.

…because of this incident, I have this strange urge inside me…
“I want to know what’s inside before I put my money in it”
If they want my money, then I need to know the quality of the album I’m going to buy.
Because buying music records is not like buying an apple or orange.

You buy sour apple, it will last only for a minute or so…
You bought a ■■■■■■ record, those ■■■■■■ songs will stuck inside your head forever!
And the bad part about a ■■■■■■ music album/video, it defeats the purpose of it’s content by itself.

Why do you want to buy a music record?
Why do you want to buy/watch a movie in theater?
You want to get entertain.

And how does a f$%ktard record will entertain you?
By smashing the album to wall nearby, perhaps?
Or glued the album cover in front of your house, so any thief trying to rob your house would get struck by lightning?

Your opinion?