Touchpad not operating with warning popup

I’ve been running Comodo firewall with Avast antivirus for the past couple of years on my Acer Aspire 5051 laptop running XP Media Center Edition SP3 Build 2600. Belarc Advisor shows all required hotfixes have been applied and Secunia PSI shows that all other software is patched to latest versions. The 5051 has a Synaptics touchpad which has the correct driver version. It accesses the Internet through a wireless router using WPA2 security.

I’ve just update to Version 3.12.46209.560 of Comodo IS and I’m now having some problems. Other software has also changed as MS has been issuing lots of critical updates and I’ve updated some other application software to latest versions. So the problems may or may not not be caused by the CIS update.

The problem now is that at an apparently random time, when I’m using the touchpad, I get a Comodo popup with the following text.

‘SynTPEnh.exe is trying to modify the user interface of XXXXXX. What would you like to do?’

XXXXXX is typically one of the applications I’ve currently got loaded, e.g. OpenOffice or Firefox.

That’s fine but the touchpad won’t operate so I can’t Allow or Deny. After a while the Comodo popup times out and I can use the touch pad again.

Other Comodo popups operate normally and let me select the correct action.

Anyone had this problem or can suggest what I can do to avoid it happening?

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum BlueVinney :slight_smile:

It should really allow you to answer the alert as it did for me.

Post screenshot of rules so you can try adding manually for Windows messages.


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Also post screenshots of the alerts you get.

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Thanks Dennis, you made me think about what I’d been missing. So the solution was RTFM.

My only defence was
1 - a couple of years ago I installed CISI for the firewall only
2 - all previous updates appeared to have just retained that functionality
3 - and finally my laziness by expecting the same this time and not chasing the real problem.

So not having even explored Defense + there were no settings/policies created. I just needed to read the manual and all was revealed. Problem solved.

Thanks everyone for helping me through this frustration.