touchpad exe trying to modify cfd.exe!

I just downloaded and (re)installed comodo because im having problems with windows stalling and Im looking for intruders.

I got a message from comodo that “SynTPhelper.exe is trying to modify cfd.exe user interface”.

To make matters worse the mouse freezes and I cant block the action. The message times out and the mouse (touchpad) unfreezes.

SynTPhelper.exe is the helper task for the laptop touchpad. And cfd.exe is Comodo!

  1. should this happening? Is this a virus or malware trying to modify comodo?!

  2. When a message times out, is the action blocked or allowed by comodo?

thanks for help in advance.

It is not uncommon for legit and non legit programs to access other programs in memory. CIS by default does not allow this as a mean of self protection.

The default action of timing out is that the request will be blocked. That is the default deny principle. Apparently the SynTPhelper.exe gets upset when it cannot do its thing.

To resolve the memory access problem:

Select Defense+ -->Advanced → Computer Security Policy.
Scroll down to Comodo Internet Security, select Edit → Protection Settings.
Interprocess memory Access (Active Yes) select Modify → Add -->Now use Running Processes or Browse to point to the concerned file(s) .
Then just “Apply” to each window as you exit.

plug in an external mouse. move the touchpad. when it freezes the pointer, use the external mouse to click allow and make sure remember my answer was checked. It wont happen again