TOTALLY unacceptable behavior

I will NOT accept this behavior from CIS. THERE IS A PROBLEM with CIS v5.4.x

Another two weeks and ANOTHER spate of ‘unrecognized’ files.

Neiither will I accept THIS board denying me posting the problem…l

THAT iS ABSOLUTELY infuriating!!!

:smiley: ??? >:(

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ONE MORE TIME and CIS will be GONE from my machine FOR EVER!!!

Sorry you are having this problem

Just to check are you saying that these are files previously seen as safe by CIS?

If so could you please check if you have ‘Block all unknown requests’ under D+ settings ticked by mistake?

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Also are these files being accessed on another machine. [Edit]

CIS unfortunately does not always remember the trusted status of network files

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If so could you please check if you have ‘Block all unknown requests’ under D+ settings ticked by mistake?
The full text of that option is “Block all unknown requests if application is closed.” Are you indicating that if that option is checked, it also means allow all unknown requests if application is open?

Also aren’t unknown requests supposed to remain in the sandbox until they are trusted or blocked? Does the above option override this?

Aren’t there problems with WIN 7 x64 and virtualization? Does that issue affect sandbox processing?

We understand from the devs that this option should only be ticked you suspect you are infected, as it interferes with sandboxing decisions.

Virtualisation issues do not affected automatic sandboxing. The automatic sandbox does not (yet) virtualise.

Hope this helps

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One other thing I would like to know is if the poster is running with “automatic sandboxing” set on. I run that way and from what I have observed, the application will remain forever in the sandbox unless “the cloud” releases it as trusted or some manual action is performed by the user to delete, block, or trust the application.

Perhaps a test for an unknown application sandboxing behavior when “automatic sandboxing” is set off? Then check if that unknown application is still sandboxed after a re-boot?