Totally free secuirty suite

I have posted this on Wilders and Castle Cops. So if you read it there, I apologize. I simply like to get opionions from experts in multiple security forums.

I am considering on going with all free products for my security suite. My NOD32 license expires soon. I hate to give it up. But why pay if I can get protection as good for free. I am not ready to put CAVS on my machine yet. So here is what I am considering. Please tell me if this is overkill or on the flip side, if you see any glaring eaknesses.

  1. Avira Antivir for my AV
  2. Comodo Personal Firewall
  3. Sand Boxie for antispyware
  4. Either Spyware Terminator of Cyberhawk for HIPS/Antispyware

Also, do you know if Comodo has any conflicts with these programs? I am concerned that any program with HIPS might not get along with Comodo, but I have not yet tried.

Please, give me your opinions. Be critical if you want. Thanks for your input!

Hi solo

Just a heads-up really. I had problems with Cyberhawk & I suspected that it might be conflicting with CPF. But, I have no evidence of this, since my system (W2k Pro) merely kept rebooting before Windows loaded. This was before I had installed the CAVS 2 beta (which also has HIPS), I was running Avast at the time.

Yes…I half suspected that might happen. I had touble running Comodo and On-line Armor together. I am beginning to think that Comodo simply might not get along with programs that have HIPS. That’s my theory right now. Are you running any HIPS applications iwth Comodo?


Yes, I also tried Spyware Terminator & that worked fine with CPF

Currently I’m running CFW Beta & CAVS Beta. CFW has Buffer Overflow Protection & CAVS has Application focused HIPS. I’m not currently running anything else, since I wanted to avoid any possible conflicts when beta testing.

How did you like Spyware terminator? It looks like a solid app. I haven’t tried it yet.

I was thinking about Spyware Terminator aswell. Im not sure exactly what Comodo will have i.e. HIPS, behaviour blocker, registry/rootkit protection. I think its all of them and so may just wait for that. Knowing Comodo, it will be better anyway. :wink:

ST? I liked it. Nice clean UI & fairly straight forward to use/understand. I only had one minor quibble, in that ST would always prompt for processes that were temporarily created (in the TEMP area). I use something called POPFile for spam protection & it was this that ST kept prompting for on every startup. Where as, CAVS HIPS doesn’t keep prompting for it. No idea why really, I can only make guesses. But, it’s only a single extra ST pop-up on restart… a minor annoyance.

I use Spyware Terminator Beta together with NOD32 and latest Comodo Firewall beta, and i used it with the latest stable CF too. I have had no problems at all with ST and I really like it.

How is ST on system resources?

The Spywareterminatorshield.Exe is taking about 7Mb

If I have both Realtime shield and HIPS they take about 7.5+14.5 Mb=22Mb together
The 14.5Mb process is called sp_rsser.exe
This is right after a reboot.