Totally confused regarding Comodo Firewall

I have installed the free version of Comodo Firewall and under Manage My Configuration it was set to Firewall Security but I enabled Internet Security just today. When I went to the Comodo I left confused since it never explained the difference Firewall Security, Internet Security and Proactive Security which is under Manage My Configuration. The website does not mention the diference between these setting. Am I correct that Commodo Internet Security is a completely separate application from Comodo Firewall?

Please Refer To the link above; :slight_smile:

OK thanks for the link. That refers to Comdo Internet Security but I have Comodo Firewall installed here. Is Comodo Firewall a subset of CIS?

CIS is the complete package. It includes the firewall, antivirus and D+.
Comodo firewall is exactly the same but it does not include the anti-virus.

You can use the link Jacob gave with CIS and CF.

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As Peter5 Explained;

You may use the link above for both CIS/CFW/CAV;

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