Totally blocked

Since yesterday nightly (CET) update im totally blocked while using Comodo; only Windows Live Messenger can connect with the Internet when firewall is on safe mode - i need to disable it to use any program that requires internet connection (beside WLM ofc)

Whats interesting, connections are listed in Active Connections window.

What the hell is happening?! Anyone have same problems?!

(This is the softest language which i could gather, I am afraid that if I would met the people responsible for this program then they would need surgeons help)

Im thinking now about back to the ZoneAlarm - im loosing patience to your app.

Firstly, problems with Gameguard and Defence+ rebooting system, then updates deleting security policy, ugly translations full of english strings, next lincense changes that allows you to spy “your” users/customers and bundling in installer stinking apps; moreover - im reading form today and im finding posts about adding many russian and chinese companies that no one heard about to trusted publishers, again Defence+ which is forcing sending informations about file to the Comodo and best: after installing app again from freshly downloaded installer im getting notification window about new updates with link to the changelog with latest december post - of course checking for updates on More tab gives me “Your product is currently up-to-date”.

What the hell is going on?!

To redapple. Sorry to hear about your problems, but a more subtle approach would most likely receive more help with solutions. Good luck.


While it’s frustrating to experience problems,taking a belligerent and aggressive tone isn’t the way to achieve a resolution.

You should post your problem in the correct section in order to receive maximum attention,a respectfully worded post will likely lead to a fast response.

Im terribly sorry for my prev. post, but that was really pi**ng me off…

Anyway, ive installed Zone Alarm again but it doesnt satisfied me with options avaible in free version, so i tried to figure in more coolly way whats going on; problems started after updating Avast - so i uninstalled it along with Zone Alarm, then deeply cleaning all remains and downloaded updated version of CIS from this forum - nothing changed. Then ive started to check options and unchecking “block fragmented ip datagrams” magically returnet normal network traffic…

But now i have some questions: is that option enabled by default (i dont remember these settings from prev. versions)? Comodo changed it in latest version to “on”? It is safe to leave it “off”/unchecked?

That’s ok Redapple we all get wound up sometimes.

Block fragmented IP datagrams is on by default,I don’t remember if it was so in previous versions.While it’s advisable to leave this checked from both a security and usability standpoint,as for the risks in disabling this setting my own personal view is minimal.I’m not sure why this particular setting would have a bearing on your complete lack of connectivity though.

Have you altered any settings or updated firmware on your router etc?

From the manual description:
Block fragmented IP Datagrams - When a connection is opened between two computers, they must agree on a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU). IP Datagram fragmentation occurs when data passes through a router with an MTU less than the MTU you are using i.e when a datagram is larger than the MTU of the network over which it must be sent, it is divided into smaller ‘fragments’ which are each sent separately. Fragmented IP packets can create threats similar to a DOS attack. Moreover, these fragmentations can double the amount of time it takes to send a single packet and slow down your download time.

Comodo Firewall is set by default to block fragmented IP datagrams i.e the option Block Fragmented IP datagrams is checked by default.

No, i didnt change anything in my Sagem Livebox Fast 3202; new versions of firmware are provided by ISP without noticing customers.

Also i didnt changed anything in system, network configuration since… november?