Total reversal of firewall?

There is nothing in particular that I need to unblock, but Comodo seems to interfere with a lot of things that I never blocked (and I could be considered pretty much an advanced computer user, so something isn’t going to be accidentally blocked unless I need it to be).

I’ve heard that uninstalling Comodo leaves a lot of artifact permissions and controls. I was wondering if there is a way to ENTIRELY revert every change Comodo has made and restore all networking permissions to the state they were in before the firewall was ever installed.

I ask because, even if I disable and exit Comodo, some networking applications fail to function despite working before my new hardware reformat and subsequent installation of Comodo, even if the applications are not marked in any way within the firewall to “Deny” or “Block” anything.

So, can someone tell me a way to completely erase all changes Comodo has made to my system/connectivity?

If I wanted to do that, I’d insert my Norton Ghost (full disc imaging program) and rewrite my C: drive partition to my latest backup date (prior to install of the new firewall of course…). Other than that, others will need to opine, because if there were registry changes made by the firewall, then simply using regedit to delete Comodo’s entries would not get the job done and could create problems. CHUCK