Total Protection

I just installed CIS. Do I still need other COMODO products for my security (Eg Comodo BoClean) ?


it depends on your need & your comp resource. (:NRD)
maybe you wanna add some on demand spyware scanner like Superantispyware or malwarebytes antimalware.
CIS alone is decent enough i think,unless you love to visit ehm err porn sites perhaps? 88) ;D

Also do not use Internet Explorer but Opera or Firefox. That significantly lowers changes of catching spyware. Also use Spywareblaster to block and also the Resident Shield of Spybot Search and Destroy for that matter (this is a small program running in the background; remember to update the Immunize part of Spybot after each update ).

Here’s my security setup and it has kept me safe for some months now.

Realtime software
Comodo internet security
Comodo BoClean (if I click the YES to fast ^_^)

On-demand software
Malwarebytes antimalware

Browser (important to me :))
Opera (then you don’t need any immunization anymore)


Though, Spyware blaster is free and uses no system resources, so it would be a good idea to be immunized, because some attacks can manually open IE to a webpage. If that webpage is in the spyware blasters database, then it will be stopped. :slight_smile: Also, I have had some programs installed in the past that use the IE engine for various web related things, so those programs would be protected as well since spyware blaster protects everything IE related. :slight_smile: So, either way, it doesn’t hurt. Granted, I wish programs that have internet stuff built in would stop using IE components, but I guess it’s easy to code up when you are using Visual Studio and MS libraries. Ah well.

Oh, nice to know that. Thanks :-TU.
But I’m afraid I’m safe anyway, because I kicked of Internet Explorer when I vlited :slight_smile:


huh ??? then how do you update things ??? err some “things” use IE to update right? 88)

You can’t update XP through Internet Explorer :slight_smile: Vista has it’s own update thingy. Though COMODO needs IE to update and I hate it >:(

I have used CIS for 4 days and i love it.

But do i need BOclean to be better protected?
What i understand does the antivirus and BOclean nearly protect the same areas. But to be honest it’s a bit ??? acctualy!

I don’t mind installing BOclean, but before i even thinking about to install BOclean, i would like to know if there have been reports of CIS and BOclean have been conflicting? or is it just to go for it…

Thanks, J_G

not that i know of 88)

errr from what i’ve read, BOClean is designed to catch the nasty if your AV failed to tcatch it in the first place.
think of your AV is like door burglar alarm & BOClean as motion detector O0
whatever that means ;D

you might wanna try BOClean if you have Extra RAM. (L)

CIS with SAFESURF, FIREWALL at CUSTOM with a PARANOID DEF+ and BoClean is one of the Best Combination.

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