Total Meltdown

I signed up for the fax service 2 days ago. Today I can not send nor receive faxes. When I call my fax number I get a error code saying the number is invalid. I called the 888 number to place a service call and it is always busy. I did notice they already charged my credit card for one year of service. It is time to send this company to Ripoff Report. com

As explained in the support email sent to you, all trustfax numbers are active at time of creating an account. Your particular number had problems and was submitted to our service provider for repair. The number was fixed within a hour.
As for the charge, you elected to activate the billing which had nothing to do with activating your fax number since numbers are active at time of signup.
Further checking your account to ensure that everything was working properly, you have sent and received faxes successfully the day you created the account (July 12th) and on July 17th prior to your posting in this forum.
If you have any other issues that we are not aware of, please email support [ at ]