Total lockup at popup asking to allow direct keyboard access for a process...

v3.0.24.268, custom policy firewall, paranoid D+, Windows XP Pro, SP3 fully updated, running a limited user.

I use pwsafe at, v3.11.01.

This all worked before with the previous version of the firewall, but since I had such a bad time upgrading I uninstalled the previous version and then installed this latest one.

FYI, (I lost my DHCP connectivity and re-installing fixed it because I was then able to see that it also used a local address to send DHCP requests to my cable modem. This was with no log entries, a silent block without any reason at all as to why I couldn’t connect to DHCP. You all have not fixed this one completely. This bug report is not about this issue.)

So, pwsafe is now not authenticated by D+ and needs authorization to do all the first time. When it came to the “allow direct keyboard access” popup upon trying to do AutoType, my machine locked up completely including stoppage of mouse movement.

Nothing in the Event Viewer, no logs, no way to figure this out. I had to hit the reset button to reboot.

It happened again, and then a third time, but the third time, I had to leave the computer for a bit. It then seemed to somehow recover just a bit to allow me to hit CTRL-Alt-Del that brought up the Task Manager. After that, things started to loosen up just a bit and I was able to Ctrl-Tab between processes and then my mouse freed up enough to click the “OK” button on a few pop-ups before my second CTRL-Alt-Del caught up to me and the machine shut itself down.

After another reboot, it all seems to be working again. Hope this is enough because I don’t see how I can duplicate this and even if I could, it is a hard lockup without even mouse movement.

(Hey, the only negative emoticon is a thumbs-down… how did you let that one slip by?)