_Total.exe what is it?

Anybody know what this process means?

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Are u using wintools.net???
I guess its related to it atleast according to this:

No, I haven’t been using that. Process Explorer doesn’t even recognize it. I had to use ProcessKO to actually see what’s running on my machine

Re: _Total.exe what is it? )
  1. Hit “CTRL” “ALT” “DELETE” <—at the same time
  2. At " Start Task manager", right click on ( _Total.exe )
  3. go to “properties” and click on it OR click on “open file location”

This will give you more information on it to help you figure out, what it is :-TU
If you still can’t figure it out. Post a picture it here on what it says there!!! From “properties” or “open file location” :slight_smile:

That process is not listed with CTRL + ALT + DEL.

It’s not malware activities.
That’s Q-Dir’s process.
It’s fine.

There is your ProcessKO too.

Except for I’m not using Q’Dir. ??? Could it be somehow associated with Directory Opus, which I’m using?