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I searched this forum, but hasn’t come over a case like mine is.

I was trying to use the “F3 - View” option in Total Commander, and Comodo Internet Security asked me if I wanted to allow “Dr Watson” to do something. I clicked Deny (and the “Remember” option was enabled). Immediately Total Commander closed. After that any time I use F3-View option TotComm closes.

What can I do to reverse this change, and to let CIS ask me again what I want to do?


Delete the corresponding Dr Watson defense+ rule.

But that won’t help Total Commander crashing if it has to for whatever reason, it shall only stop the report log itself.

Thanks brucine. I tried that but “Defence + Events” doesn’t have that option, and that is the only place where I see DrWatson. When I click on “More” a window that opens really makes me confused. Could you please tell me exactly where I can delete that rule? There is no right-click or such options with which I could do that.

Thank you!

The rules cannot be modified in the defense+ events, only reporting them, but in the defense+ advanced security stategy.

I cannot tell you the exact location (as i won’t voluntarily make the system crash for this), but you most certainly have there an entry for drwatson.exe or drwtsn32.exe depending of the 16 or 32 bits origin of the crash, and probably these same entries documented in other ones (explorer…).

Purge won’t probably be of much help, as drwatson remains a valid application, and if you want to avoid manually checking every rule (modify, access rights), and if you have enough knowledge for it, you could wipe these rules (they are only written to the registry) using Regseeker and wiping whatever comodo entry speaking of drwatson.

But again, doing this only wipes the drwatson entries, but does not keep the same crash (and the same inscriptions if you set them to remember) to occur next time you run the “culprit” software if it has to.

Thanks, I’ll probably need to install fresh TC.