Toshiba Satellite repair or replace?

Hi My nephew dropped his laptop from about 1m on a carpeted floor he said. Windows starts booting but will not load I ran seagate seatools which reports 100s of errors. I can get it analyzed for £20 if it is just a defective hdd can I install a new one and use his recovery discs to revive it? Thanks

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HDAT2 or MHDD may help.

Will give it a try tomorrow thanks

What are the errors being reported? WHen you are able to enter Windows you can also let an analysis tool of the manufacturer of your hard drive analyse the drive and fix error.

In case of bad sectors first let the analysis tool of the manufacturer try to fix them. After this run chkdsk /r from the command prompt and let Windows check the file system and repair errors when needed. Notice that these two things may take a loooong time.

After bad sectors and file system have been repaired let Windows check the integrity of the system files. This is needed in case the system files where on bad sectors and did not get repaired. Open the command prompt and run chkdsk /r.

Hi On booting now it’s just a black screen my nephew has taken it away so I think he’s going the repair shop.