TOS for the Comodo DNS Server?

does anyone know like if there’s any privacy statements or certain rules when using comodo DNS Server?

like if i’m surfing, is it sending anonymous data or anything like that?

Some light reading for you:


Hm, I’d really like to know, who writes these agreements… Are these people thinking about what they write??

1.2 Comodo may change this Agreement or the Services at any time without notice. [b]Please check this Agreement each time you use the Services to be aware of any changes.[/b] Use of the Services after a change has been made to either the Agreement or the Services will be deemed your acceptance of the change.
88) 88) 88) Very practicable point. I'm pretty sure everyone will do this... 88) 88) 88)
2.3 [b]You may not use the Services[/b] for any purpose that is unlawful, abusive, libelous or threatening or [b]for the transmission of any virus or any other computer code, files, or programs which are designed or likely to interrupt, damage, destroy any computer hardware or software[/b] or interfere in any way with the normal operations of the Services. You may not access or use the Services from any jurisdiction where such use or access would be restricted or prohibited by law.
Mh, ok - hard to transfer a virus via a DNS request - but probably it does mean I'm not allowed to report malware to COMODO, if I'm using this service... :o :o

Sometimes it’s pretty clear to me, why noone reads these license agreements… Can’t help… 88)

so this means i can torrent and download all that normally right?

Was thinking the same thing mike…