Torrent with Comodo 10 not working

Please, can you post to me what is the ultimate guide for torrent? Connections are blocked even if the rules are written according to the guides in this forum. The connections are blocked and there is not any log about that. So, if you know any solution/guide/link that can make Comodo 10 allow torrent to work, please post it. Thank you.

You don’t need any application rule for the torrent application if it rated as trusted, you only need one global rule to allow the incoming listening port on both TCP and UDP, and leave the source port as any.

Do you mean to just keep rule 1 and 2 of the turorial (Comodo Client Security File Sharing Applications Like BitTorrent And Emule, Comodo Firewall) and delete rules from 3 to 6?

Yes and set the source port to any instead of port range. Also instead of two separate rules you con combine into one by using ‘TCP or UDP’ in the protocol selection.

I really cannot understand why, but ot doesn’t work, unless Comodo firewall is turned off. Nothing is written in the log file, so the firewall blocks the connection and the log is empty.
Maybe the problem is that I had to assign the rules manually, because the popup windows never appeared and the application was blocked before the rules were assigned. Comodo never asked to me how the application should be trated: it blocked it by default.
Or maybe it depends on the fact that last week I installed the Fall Creator Update. Before then, I never had problems of this kind with Comodo.
Have you any suggestion/test? Shoud I reinstall Comodo?

Yes uninstall and install the newest version from here.

Thank you, now it works.
Another question: if Comodo firewall silently blocks an executable, and it doesn’t appear in the rules, how is it possible to make Comodo “change its mind”? (I mean to reinitialize its choices without reinstalling it).

Use the unblock applications task feature.