Torrent protocol needs special settings? [Resolved]


I’m confused…

  1. When torrent protocol is in use (Azureus/Java), do you recommend to leave “Monitor other NDIS protocols than TCP/IP” (Firewall/Advanced/Attack Detection Settings/Miscellaneous) setting ON?

  2. Browsers (IE and FF) can’t use other protocols than TCP and UDP? I mean: when this same setting should be ON, besides when using WireShark? Can you tell me others applications that may need this setting ON to let my computer safe?

  3. MSN, Skype, Half-Life need this?

  4. What do I lose if this setting is OFF? I want the best settings for security, but I don’t want to surf on the net or download a movie with low bandwidth. This settings reduce bandwidth or just use more CPU?




HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, DHCP, Bittorrent, Skype, MSN and many others are application layer protocols.
All application layer protocols use transport layer protocols (TCP and UDP) for the data transfer.

See this wikipedia article about TCP/IP model layers Internet protocol suite - Wikipedia

Since the previous post answers your first 3 questions, I’ll answer the remaining:

I think the option’s description is self-explanatory. System means your computer speed/RAM usage, and only that is affected. The only option that can reduce your internet speed is another option: packet checksum verification.

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What a lesson!

Guys, you are great! Very good explanations. Really good.

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