µTorrent problem


I have a problem with µTorrent. It seems like it won’t forward the port correctly.
I’ve set up port forwarding with router correctly(works if I disable CPF).
Here’s the Network rule for µTorrent:
Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Port: 44302

When I look at the logs, it seems like rule 3 is causing the problem(log attached).
Network rules:
0. Allow TCP/UDP In/Out Port 44302

  1. Allow TCP/UDP Out
  2. Allow IP Out GRE
  3. Block&Log IP In/Out

When I delete rule 3, port forwarding works. I can’t create an Allow IP In/Out Port 44302-rule, since you can’t specify a port for IP.

Any ideas of what to do?


[attachment deleted by admin]


can you try 2 rules for in out allow

and 2 rules for common block ip

i cant test due i havent that software.

and did you edit the learned application rule?

so might at least are 2 for in out rules too


PS: because as i understand your log IN works, but OUT not, curious

might combined in/out rules are problem?

follow soya then, i assumed you had that done, so might combine in/out works also

You need an application rule to go together with the network rule:
Allow TCP/UDP In Port 44302 → Remove the out part

Other than, your rules look OK to me (assuming you used ANY for Source & Destination). This thread covers it all: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,8049.0.html