TOR server still blocked

Hi All;

First of all - I’m new to Comodo. Anyway… these 2 hour I spent with the program make me think it was a good choice :-TU

However… I’m trying to run tor, as a server here. I added the application to Trusted ones with “Allow all requests” schema on top. Still… the incoming TCP connections are being blocked by Comodo. I’m pretty sure I’m missing something, but what? If tor’s trusted, shouldn’t there be any more restrictions?

BTW - Firewall is in Train with Safe mode.
Thanks in advance!

Probably tor is blocked by global rule(s). One way to deal with it in this case is to find out port number(s) used by tor for incoming connections and allow them in global rules before any “block” entries.

BTW, if something is getting blocked, firewall’s log gives detailed information on this.

Hi goodbrazer;

Thanks, it helps a lot. Still i think a trusted application should be able to overcome default restrictions, but it just my 2 cents.