Tor not working

Tor just refuse to work. Is it because of comodo firewall or do i have to open certain ports? I am using comodo latest stable version and a router.

any help anyone?

Hi wizzkidz

Whilst I can provide no specific help concerning Tor, I can direct you to CFPs Log (Activity tab) to look for clues as to what customised Network Monitor rules you may need. If CFP is blocking something then it usually logs the block (unless it has been specifically told not to). Check CFPs Log to see what is being blocked & then use the block information to help you. The block message will tell you what was blocked & which component of CFP caused the block.

If you need help with CFPs Log then please feel free to post examples here. It’s best to export the Log to an HTML file (right click on Log - Export HTML), open the resulting HTML file in your browser & then use a simple cut ‘n’ paste to post them here. Please remember to mask any private IP addresses.