Tor and COMODO Firewall Issues

Hello, recently I have installed Tor only to notice that it won’t connect to Tor! I have clicked allow on every alert that pops up about Tor. The help told me this: “For Tor clients, you have to allow all outgoing connections for the Tor application. For Tor relays, you have to additionally allow incoming connections on the ports you specified when setting up the relay.”. How do I do this?

You are sure that you want to run a tor relay?
Or do you want to use tor as a client?

Without wanting to be part of the transmitting network, just being a client, you only need outgoing rules for tor. And you should not choose being relay or something, when you want to stay a simple user. Or you should know very well what is law-relevant for you to know otherwise.

Read the page.

If you dont know what is blocked, look in the comodo logs.

I wish to be a client. How do I allow it outgoing connections?

Did you look in the logs, what has been blocked?

Normally you would get a question and could answer with “treat as outgoing”.

But again. The most important point is first to know all about tor before using it.

Firewall is not a problem.

I have found in the past using Tor could be a PITA with CIS, however with the most recent incarnation of CIS I can download, unzip, open, run and connect through TOR without a single alert.
Previously CIS would sandbox Tor, if you check in Unrecognized files for anything relating to Tor and add it Trusted Files, Also if you check Firewall -Application rules and make sure all Tor processes are allowed to connect to the web

Is this right? Allow IP Out From MAC Any To MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any

This is how I have it set up on W7 x64 -

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Thanks, I’ll try that then report back.

EDIT: It worked! Thanks!