why do people say that comodo is ■■■■

Links please? ???

sure give a few minutes to a few days

i email to you if thats okay

My point was that there will always be people accusing some software or the other of being worthless. That’s to be expected. Thus, I was wondering if there were some specific links you found which made you want to start this topic.

I would really appreciate it if you could post some links to those.

can you give a few days to find the links

also the comments are from youtube

Mods, please lock this useless topic.

look Siketa im getting the data for the mods it takes a while to get this type of data

i also email part of the data i found to one of the mods

There will always be lots of people who will bash the product, no matter how great it is or not…

Many people work for competitors who sell paid products, so they will be worried for their jobs if everyone realises that there is a better or at least as good free product.

This is one reason for Comodo to have enemies.

There was a time when there were many Comodo bashers on a well known security forum, but interestingly they rarely make an appearance there now as their antagonistic comments are so easy to disprove.

Locked at OP’s request.