Hi Stahntaru,

Could you be a it more explicit. Is the problem related to the FW or Defense+? Could you post a screenshot of the popups you receive when you attempt to launch the application or the logs either of the FW or Def+ depending which one is related to your problem.


That’s quite strange if this application was working with CIS 5.5.

By any chance, do you have in Defense+ > Defense Settings > General Settings the new feature “Do not show popup alerts” enabled, if yes does it solve your problem if you disable it?

to try to solve your issue, you may also make an application rule for the file of your recalcitrant application giving it the “trusted” predefined policy rule and place this rule on top of the “all application” rule.

I assume that you have obviously check that the file is not in the blocked or unrecognized files.

You can give the application the status of installer/updater and if your application is still blocked, enable in defense+ Settings > Sandbox Settings :

  • Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox
  • Automatically trust files from trusted installers

If that doesn’t still solve your issue, another possibility is to add your application in the exclusions of Executions Control Settings > Detect shellcode injections.

But it remains puzzling that your application used to work with version 5.5 and is blocked silently in 5.8.

Maybe somebody else will find the culprit.