Top 4 Free Av's Tested

hey guys I have done a quick test showing detection ratios of the top 4 free AV’s on the market right now. And how they react to malware they don’t have signatures for.

Part 1 Avast vs Avira vs Comodo vs Panda AV Test Part 1 - YouTube

Part 2 Avast vs Avira vs Comodo vs Panda AV Test Part 2 - YouTube

congrats…you are the man…you proved it again. (:CLP)

Just an update, I just tested MSE and it got 55.93% detection.

Thank you, a very much needed video test indeed :slight_smile:
I’m currently testing Panda Cloud (thanks to your previous video test :)), and I must say I get less FP than CAV (no FP from Chrome extension, no FP from known “riskware” application like aircrackng).
It’s still very good to see that CAV is a great AV and you can install the complete suite without thinking twice.

good video! sorry, I mean Great! :slight_smile:

Hi everybody,
there is a very interesting test by Languy

Comodo Antivirus (without sandbox and defense+) beats perfectly.

Congratulations Comodo :-TU

Keep on the good work with Comodo Antivirus. (:CLP)

What! No PC Tools Free 2011, AVG Free 2011, Rising Free 2011? Maybe in the next one. :wink:

To my opinion, AVG, PcTools and Rising should not be tested by Languy.
Read the results in Av-Test

Antivir: 99.8 %
Avast: 99.2 %
AVG: 98.3 %, PcTools: 98.1% , “poor” results!

Comodo beats Antivir (Avira) and Avast. Woowww

It is only a single test by Languy, but ist shows that COMODO AV is improving each day.

Good performance by the AV but it seems that there are some problems with the cloud BB.

Cloud BB does not work in some cases:

(1) If sandbox is disabled.
(2) Even if sandbox is enabled, if a malware wants unlimited access and you incorrectly give it that right, cloud BB will not come into play.

Can anyone correct me if I am wrong.


you are right
i have tested cloud behavior with auto sanbox disabled
it actualy let the malware to run and later you get the alert, even if clic in clean, the computer will be areally infested
that cloud behavior was made thinking the file is autosanboxed so it dont matter if the malware is detected after the application is running
i think it should be fixed making the cloud behavior more aggresive for applications not even launched

You shouldn’t disable sandbox in the first place, languy99 did it for testing purpose.
If the application is sandboxed, it’s for a reason, and the application can run normally without waiting for the result. If it’s a safe application, it’s better this way.
You don’t stumble everyday on a malware…

i commonly install ctm for friends, family and ppl who can not take dessicions about the computer,
if they see an alert like a protected com interface? they will only think wtf is this? and idnored ti or try to close the popup clicking in allow, deny at random.
so i intall ctm in a way it shows the less popups possible and most compatibility, security.

so i change thesse settings

  1. treat files as [partialy limited] off (because it cause problems with many games)
  2. d+ in clean pc mode (this is the only way all new files are added to unreconised and scanned in the cloud before bein launched)
  3. d+ to allow everything from all application

with this config the only popup they will get are about the antivirus and the cloud.
maybe it appear to make comodo weak but it is a very safe config
for childs, newbs, gramma, and n00bs
sometimes i enable auto quarentine

i hope this explain why i wanna a more aggresive cloud scanning for unlaunched apps

languy99 did a video to configure CIS to show 0 popups:

Check out my sig about the Quick Start Guide, it may help to take a decision, you should try to explain them how CIS works.

Also, look at this:

1st place: Comodo Internet Security 5.0 :comodo110:

Even though I do find most of these “tests” a tad bit redundant, considering the fact that “most” users would not voluntarily try to infect their machines. And furthermore be willing to deny all of the security features that CIS has in place to ensure your security. But I do suppose they do their part in showing how “zero day” infections can be thoroughly dealt with by the conscious or unconscious consumer. :slight_smile:


I merged these two threads together. And I tested some more AV’s today against that pack of malware

AVG 2011 Free 79.3%

PC PC tools Free 0%

Rising Free 2011 33.4%

Immunet Free 4.1%

0% ?! ô_O
ouch… ^^;;

I scanned that pack 3 times to make sure it was right.

hehe sure, I trust you :slight_smile:

@kinemitor: I’m currently testing Panda Cloud instead of CAV. It has the behaviour you want, it blocks the application until it’s scanned. You may want to try it…
I may rollback to CAV because it’s really annoying, I’ll see if it happens a lot. (it happened once, I tried to run an exe in a folder with more than 30 exes…)

Yes i noticed it, by default it wait for the internet to answer in 15 secs
But if there is no internet it just allow all , so we never can rely only on it
For netbooks I think the comodo firewall + panda cloud is a good combo. Maybe I’ll try it later
technically there is no antivirus installed so the mini will run very fast