Tools menu freezes CID

Hi, I first installed CID about 3 months ago (January 2013), and it worked faster than FF, and fairly flawlessly until about 3 days ago. I noticed when I went to Tools → Page Info to get some info on some pictures on the page, the Page Info page wouldn’t open, just stayed in a minimized tab in the bottom taskbar, and right clicking on it showed no options, and to even exit out of CID required me to open Task Manager to close it, however I could still surf and open tabs. I found out clicking anything in Tools, even Options would do the same, be inaccessible, and require a shut down of CID from the Task Manager, and upon re-launching CID the problem would persist. I’m running XP MCE2005. Uninstalling and re-installing CID helped for 1 day, and the problem came back, after it asked me to upgrade. I uninstalled again now, and re-installed and turned updates for CID completely off to see what happens. I also have FF installed yet, and that performs fine when CID starts the Tools menu problem, but FF has other problems that CID seems to fix, so would rather use CID. I also have many more add-ons in FF than CID, right now Image Zoom, Ad Blocker, and WOT in CID. Thanks much.

I would try uninstalling CID and downloading and installing the very latest version of CID,

Hi dannykewl and byroniac,
I agree with byroniac to try the latest version as this was a bug fix for a hardware acceleration issue, to fix symptoms similar to what you are experiencing. :-TU

It does sound like a bug that was in version 20.0.1, with a workaround here for this version (20.0.1).

Comodo IceDragon ver. is now available for download

Thanks byroniac and captainsticks. The last version Comodo’s site gave me was, and that’s the same day I posted this and was recommended the upgrade to v 20 something. So far working OK, I’ll leave alone for now until the problem presents itself again as I have everything set just right, and then will go for the update and one link provided suggested disabling hardware acceleration via about:config and that worked for the poster, so those will be my next steps. Thanks again! What CID can fix is the Tools window is missing a right edge with the x to close it (sometimes it shows, sometimes not), and sometimes buttons on the bottom cut off. The whole window always shows in FF. I realize this also has to do with my resolution or text size settings, but I think can also be tweaked on CID’s end. For now the ESC key works to close the window, something I can live with for now.

Hi dannykewl,
Hardware acceleration is disabled by default in V20.0.1.14.

Re-sizing: Use the maximise/restore down button in the top right corner to restore down, then from the edges or corners of the browser left click Drag to your required size.

You can also exit the browser from the menu button.