tools? How to turn off unwanted messages/alerts

I can’t find a thing in any FAQ areas that tell me how to access tools. There’s no “wrench” icon or anything like it to click on. I keep getting these notices and I want to turn them off. For example: “Could not load Norton Confidential”. I know it couldn’t load it because I disabled it!! So tell me how to turn these off please! I keep clicking the x to close it and every time I go to a new page it displays again. :frowning:


This link to the Comodo Dragon Help page might help you.


Hi crafte,
To access the menu click on the Dragon orb at the top left corner.

With some research it sounds as if some long running issues have been happening with Chromium browsers and Norton Confidential plug-in.
How have you disabled it, you would need to disable it in Dragon?
Copy/paste dragon://plugins/ into the address bar, enter and disable the conflicting plug-in.