Took some CIS time off

Ladies and Gents. I just finished doing a 2 month test. I was a staunch user of Comodo but kept hearing how wonderful Norton was, so, I removed Comodo and installed the free Norton Security Suite from Xfinity, which is basically Norton 360 branded for Comcast.

First off this thing is a monster. There are at least 4 parts of the “security Suite” I had no use for i.e… backup, full and all time lan scanning, PC maintenance etc…

Over the 2 months I ran Norton it was more annoying that useful. It frequently used 80-90% cpu and just seemed to effect every aspect of my system, maybe that’s why they make a special uninstaller for it.

I finally ran the test package on both and Norton rated around 65-66% where, after putting CIS back on, CIS rated 98% solid.

It only missed one “game.thief” Trojan that got out through the firewall and I think the program finally realized it was a false positive. So I give it higher marks.


I wished the antivirus of comodo would be a lightweight like the product i use now. Then the whole suite would be a concurrent for the most out there, without exceptions of features.

and what exactly do u use ???

Uhhm, yeah what do you use now, 'cause I find Comodo to be very light weight. Even in a full system scan it rarely uses 20% of my CPU time. Now that’s lightweight. Unless your measuring differently.


I tried comodo antivirus several times. In statefull mode.
Each time when i opened something (like firefox), it used ~70% cpu for a “scan”. Even if i disabled auto-updates.
Then i tried what would happen with the ram useage of 150mb, if i disable the guard. Still 150mb ram was used.

Now i use avast. It doesnt use much cpu at the first guard observation of a file (little percent). And after the first observation it does what statefull does: Doesnt scan again (in the frame of description).
The ram useage is at least 5 times lower all time, than what comodo antivirus ram useage is while it even has been disabled.
The used cpu time is after a day lower with avast, than the cpu time consuming of comodo antivirus after a very short time.

Comodo would be like perfect with a kind of antivirus like avast.