Too small a limit on file transfer for analysis - Comodo Antivirus Free

The limit is too small to transfer files for analysis. It should also send larger files. I want to send plik.exe with 9MB, which does not recognize Comodo antivirus, but you can not.

My version Comodo Antivirus Free:
My system:
Windows 7 x86

Try through the Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis

That sounds like a wish to me. Moving to the wish board.

+1 on a variable or bigger upload limit.


I hope that as soon as you do. Sending large files via the form on your website is to discourage the use of Comodo Antivirus Free.
Thank you in advance for your support. :wink:

I see that not much changed by this time? Still upload limit is too small. Comodo users even don’t know the real limit - how much the limit is, then?