Too much I/O Writes [bug?]

CPF.EXE is writing too much on the hard drive.
I’m using eMule and CPF.EXE process has written 63 Gb in just 2 days (while eMule has written just 2Gb!)
Is there a way to fix this (maybe disable logging?)

Also I’m not sure if it was after upgrading to the new 2.4 version…

I hope you don’t mind my asking, but how do you get this data?

Of course not.
Task Manager → Processes tab → View menu / select columns…
Then select I/O Write Bytes


It certanly is too much. On my system, after about 8 hours uptime the I/O is around 3MB. Projected I/O after two days (at this rate) would be 18MB…

Just found a workaround: disabling 1) logs AND 2) tray icon animation.

Hm, I still have low I/O even with logs and animation enabled…

If I can help in any way devs solving this issue please feel free to ask me to do whatever needed.