Too Much Fun?

Haylo before i switched to Ubuntu i had the following (and Final Log) of CIS (which i made):

Total Virus’s: 34,879
Total Intrusion Attempts: 167,980
Number Of Times CIS Died: 8
Total Number Times Avast Died: 1
Total Number Virus’s Avast Detected: 15,609

Theres others but i wont go into more detail…anyways heres the total overall
Total Virus’s Overall: 176,290
Total Hacked Attempts Overall: 752,344

I had fun with CIS and Enjoyed it very much :-TU :-TU :-TU…but now im waiting for something to come out for Ubuntu (ill be willing to test it) i cant wait…cuz i LOVE CIS because it was the only one that didnt kill my computer…anyways…good day

I would agree too much fun… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm would it be possible to PM me the samples that shut down CIS?

i wish i could but i had to reformat my hard drive :frowning: …i know where to get them though ill try to PM you the links :slight_smile: