Too Many Vista Popups

As an informative note, on Windows Vista Business, when installing a new antispyware scanner after Comodo Firewall is already installed, various popups appear when scanning even tho I tell it to remember the setting. I believe this is due to Vista requiring elevation to administrator when modifying the registry from a system tray (notification area) startup program. Perhaps a UAC prompt is needed. I had to shutdown Comodo Firewall to run this SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition scanner, and have since uninstalled Comodo Firewall. Sorry it didnt work to my liking. Nice free program tho. I learned a lot, such as I seem to have a keylogger using svchost.exe sending data to ip on both of my vista computers. I will use a keylogger stopper.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

In what mode were you using CIS? Paranoid mode? That is a very chatty mode. Did you try making the scanner(s) Trusted Application?

The traffic you see from svchost is traffic from a Multicasting (Multicasting may be used for streaming multimedia, video conferencing, shared white boards and more as the internet grows). Was that traffice being logged as incoming or outgoing?

With CIS you can safely turn off UAC as Defense + is doing a similar job but taking it much much further.

When you need to work with UAC read this tutorial: .