Too many updates of CIS?

Hi everyone,

it is about a week that I noticed strange frequency in the update notifications of user account control (UAC, windows 7) regarding updates called by CIS.exe
Today, I received 4 notifications during the morning by UAC of updateUI with different codes signature (like a2b5ac43-9412-4664-etc), and also got one yesterday. I use Comodo firewall since a long time, and haven’t experienced nothing similar.

In the properties of CIS.exe, I noticed that the digital certificate expired on 01.01.2016, but the system still says it is valid…don’t know if this is way UAC keeps asking to proceed or not in the update. Update check from the Comodo update interface tells everything is updated, even if I received the notifications before and after the check.

It seems to me strange there are all those “update” releases all at once, but I don’t know the frequency and thus if it is normal.

Thank you in advance for any advices