Too many popups damaging CIS

I’ve been with Comodo FW, CAVS, BOC, and now CIS nearly from the beginning. I’ve been very patient and understanding about the problems and difficulties of developing software. I rate CIS a “5” on every download site, and argue with unfair detractors. I recommend CIS to all friends and relatives, and they are way too numerous.

Enough with the popups. I’ve had it!

No matter what I try, I end up clicking “OK” and “remember this action” 200 times a day. People call me and e-mail me to ask how to get get past the popups. They usually end up uninstalling the program and searching for something else.

For example, CIS hits on Smitfraud Fix, a well respected malware remover. I have tried defining SF as a “Trusted App”, “Installer-Updater”, “My Own Trusted Apps”, etc. etc. Still, I can count on getting popups 10 times a day on SF.

If you multiply that X 20 other programs that do the same thing, that’s how many popups I must click on daily. I guess CIS is losing its memory, and it’s making me lose my mind.

I’m uninstalling the program until I read of major improvements. I’m no longer recommending the program so I can stop the phone calls and e-mails. Multiply my problems X a million, and CIS’s reputation is being damaged because someone can’t make the program remember which programs are trusted.

Sorry for the rant, but I hate to see such an otherwise great program become damaged irreparably. Yes, people have long memories, and this needs to be nipped in the bud, or CIS will never win these people back.

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This is not normal. I do not get any pop-ups for days on end except when installing or updating software, which is rarely. There must be something unusual in your set up.

I’ve uninstalled CIS, so I’ll do my best to recall.

I have only used CIS 32 bit, mostly on XP SP2 and SP3. A few installations on Vista and Vista SP1.

Firewall is not a problem. The problem is the AV hitting on my trusted programs even aften I have dismissed the alert a dozen times.

Normally use Administrator account.

Normally use Safe Mode.

The errors are repeatable. I could count on the AV hitting on my trusted apps 100-200 times a day, although I have indicated they are “Trusted” apps, and to “Remember This Action”

I’m not the only one. There are widespread reports of too many alerts that do not turn off properly, and too many false alerts. People quickly tire of the hyperactive alerts, and deactivate the AV or uninstall Comodo completely.

Thank you,

What pop-ups are you getting. Can you attach a screen shot of some.

No, I can’t post any because I uninstalled CIS.

They’re just normal alert popups. I’m sure you have seen 1000’s of them.

Someone might be able to help if you say what pop-ups you are getting. Different causes could have different solutions.


First of all, let me thank you for taking the time to report areas where you want us to improve. As you know we provide these products for free, so the only thing we can gain from this is your trust and confidence. Hence as you will appreciate it makes no sense for us to spend our money to develop a product and our users to be unhappy, we gain nothing cos we don’t charge! Therefore its the most important thing for us to have our users happy and gain our user’s trust! We have nothing else!

Could I possibly recommend to give ver 3.9 beta a try pls? This is totally quiet version. Hopefully this will be to your satisfaction and if not, we really want to hear about areas we can improve for you.

Again, thank you for taking the time and thanks to you and people like you millions of Comodo users are protected and better off.



Thanks for the personal reply.

You bet I would like to try 3.9 Beta! Not sure if totally silent is right for me, but I’m hopeful 3.9 has eliminated most of the repeat alerts.

yes they have, it is about 80% better than before.


I am also trying to help with detection rates myself. I keep submitting samples of malware that have been tested on virustotal but comodo is not detecting. I personally think with a little work comodo can be in the top spot on any testing website.

we are working on this… fingers crossed we will achieve to be one of the top AVs out there…Even though we believe in Prevention as a first line of defense :slight_smile:


bobad, you may also wish to try one of the approaches mentioned at

Never mind.

Softpedia has reclassified CIS as “Adware”**, so I can’t in good conscience use it or recommend it to my friends and customers. There are just too many gray areas for my taste, and too many trusted products available to use Comodo products. Thanks just the same!

**Since Softpedia has nothing to gain by taking this stance, I have to come down on their side. It’s a close call, but one has to draw the line somewhere.

Does that include programs like Nero 8.3 and any other great software they list as Adware only due to the addition of a toolbar?


I must explain further re: with your statement about Softpedia has nothing to gain. But they had something to lose if they hadn’t taken this action as we sent them a legal letter.


I’ve been a very strong Comodo supporter and defender, that’s why I started this thread. In my circle of friends, I get a wide base of opinions, and I know what people like and dislike. A smile can turn to a frown in an instant if they notice something that does not appear to be 100% trustworthy.

Due to the developments of the past few weeks, just as I feared, Comodo CIS user ratings have gone into freefall at 3 of the most trusted download sites. (Softpedia, MajorGeeks, and FileForum). That is unfortunate. Due to a peculiar Internet community herding instinct, it could be fatal.

Melih, it is your right to legally challenge Softpedia, but that does not mean it’s the right thing to do. It serves no good purpose to jeopardize the future of this otherwise fine program for the sake of winning an argument. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The Internet community can be a great friend, or a formidable foe. I would not challenge their collective wisdom if I were you. It’s your choice. It’s possible that CIS can some day be on many 10’s of millions of computers, and also possible it will die a slow death.

Best of luck to you and Comodo, and I pray you make the right decisions.

I have the same problem. I can’t even run any programs without getting constant popups for every little thing.
For example I use a paint program called jasc paintshop pro 9. I’ve had it for years. Now when I run it I get 6 or 7 popups from comodo. It’s utterly ridiculous. I can’t even install yahoo messenger without going through 10 or so popups.
Some are for registry changes others say the exe is not recognized etc. etc.


Not only am I having the same pop up problem, but it increases exponentially when I try to uninstall a program using either add/remove in the control panel or the uninstall feature offered in System Mechanic. It’s almost as if CIS is requesting a go ahead for each and every file two or three times. There’s an old expression that goes, “I love hitting myself on the head with a hammer because it feels so good when I stop!” When I reach the point of total exasperation and simply give up trying to uninstall something, the pop ups stop and suddenly my blood pressure begins to drop! :slight_smile:

Am I the only one experiencing the uninstall problem?

Uninstall in like install. At the first pop-up set the uninstall program as installer/updater and you should get no pop-ups. That is how it works for me.