Too many pop ups

I had used AVG + ZoneAlarm free but I had an issue with ZA locking up my wife’s Vista PC. Someone at Geeks to Go recomended Comodo so I’ve been using it since the begining of December. I’ve installed it on the 3 PCs in my house and my parents PC.

I’m a little frustrated, however, by the number of pop up warning messages I get. I can deal with it, but my wife, kids and parents are learning that whenever that Comodo pop up happens, just push OK. Of course, the one time there really is a problem, they will be conditioned to pick yes and will allow it.

Is there a way to minimize the alerts that I get?

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If you do not have CIS 3.8 installed:

Install version 3.8 of the firewall, it has got a huge whitelist database integrated,

  • also add signed trusted excutables to CIS

  • and add safe program files to your " my own safe files" in the defense + section,

  • leave the CIS default setting of 3.8 as they are

  • and for the firewall you can set the alert settings to very low or low…

The new CIS 3.8 version comes with threat cast, this helps users making a descision on alerts they get.

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I forgot to mention, for my Mom and Dad’s PC, I only installed the AV section and left the Windows firewall. I figured the pop up messages would just confuse them. Imagine my surprise when they got pop ups anyway.


My version says 3.8. and, uh, a bunch of numbers. :stuck_out_tongue: That means I’m good, right?

What does this mean and how do I do it?

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