Too Many Defense+ Alerts

I’m getting a lot of Defense+ alerts since upgrading to CIS 5. The same alert keeps popping up asking for permission to create a file or directory. Comodo is creating a rule for each file. How can I allow the application to acess all files?

I have a predefined policy, but it isn’t in the “Treat this application as” list.

If you make the application a “trusted file” you shouldn’t get any more alerts for it. You can do this by going to “Defense+” => “Trusted Files”. The select to add the application to the list.

I don’t want to make the application a trusted file. I want to only grant it the permission it needs (file access). If it needs another privelege, Comodo should notify me. Alternatively, I want to give it a policy that I have defined. Version 3 had the ability to give access by privelege (i.e. file access) without prompting for every individual file.