Tons of extensions; and no room on the tool-bar?

This may have been addressed B4, if so please send me in the right thread/direction.
Comodo Dragon has become for me the perfect browser loading faster and with so much potential, I started adding vital (to me) extensions, and they loaded, well some did even when I was in the ‘Web Store’ and tried to load a freebie, which told me to go to the ‘Web Store’ & failed the install, OK!
As I managed to start loading aps/extensions they just loaded and moved right off the right edge of my screen, now they R invisible to me even if I tweak the text size, a slidebar would B nice. The icons are there but even in the extension page ‘options’ there is no way to make them open into another larger/2nd Dragon tool-bar, so I quit and really want a few more. No point if I cant drag the toolbar down or the coding does not allow for a simple fix; ADD NEW TOOL BAR! Just a blank tool bar that allows new aps to be placed onto a second accessible tool-bar. U think your coders could work out that issue?
I hate the Facebook icon >:-D and tried to load/failed to install the Facebook blocker, shows as in limbo, and if you plan on making an ap that controls the layout of the icons (and U did) then it needs to be one where icons can be moved left or right/up or down on a toolbar system that works, even on my 24" LCD screen. ??? Hoping you address these issues in your next build. The Dragon still beats out 3 decades of browsers even through I have MSIE-9, FireFox, Opera loaded on a custom built 12GB Intel DDR3 I-7 system (lots of RAM) running W-7-U with two 1TB Seagate HD’s inside and external HD’s for imaging and storage, just in case this problem sends me back to a browser like the Fox that has a gazillion ad-ons and a good % of those are pathways for malware to enter thru the SVCHOST all browsers use. Thanks in advance ;D

‘Browsers’ don’t make use of svchost, unless you meant something else?. Also, malicious extensions have been created for Chromium based browsers in the past and likely will be again in the future.

Thanks Confucius!!! :P0l Anything that moves in or out of a Windows based PC uses the SVCHOST, go check your task manager and U may even find a few used by the C-Dragon, shhhhh, one in every group! And NS-Sherlock aps is how most Browsers get infected, or by web-mail. >:-D Anyone else know why U make a browser that can fill up with Aps, that fade into the next room? Quantum physics stuff 8) Had you addressed that M8, I would not B flaming U right now :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD !ot! !ot! !ot! !ot!
U post a lot and yet U side step my ?'s,[b] so kindly check out M8 /b :P0l ,

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It would also be a good idea to listen to Radaghast, as he does know what he’s talking about.

Haha, I love it when people ‘lecture’ Radaghast … makes me laugh.

If you go into options > basics > toolbars > you can untick ‘Show share button’…

is this what you are talking about?

If not … never mind.

Thanks for that tip, seems I am getting ‘warned’ about netiquette by the Dragon MIB :P0l, no big, truth hurts and OT or trolls waste my time, not known for tolerating the NG insects !ot!
I tried your idea, no go, but thanks for giving a possible solution to a browser with more aps than room to fit them in, just going to stick with the best in show; WOT, McAfee SA, and solid ones rated good/clean by the NSS©, WAHHH and I want more!!! :-
Trying to behave myself and when users reply with better than FAQ’s I DO get impresed.
Cheers, :-TU


Radaghast is not a trol, he’s one of the most knowledgeable members of this forum.

Anything that moves in or out of a Windows based PC uses the SVCHOST

Actually no. Svchost, otherwise know as the generic host process, plays a very important part in the day to day functioning of the operating system, but it’s not used directly applications such as browsers.

If, for one moment, you consider the name of the of this process - Service Host - you can start to gain some inkling of just what it’s for. Notice the name is not application host. The reason for this, is because schost is a process for hosting services. If you’re unsure what a service is, open the start menu and type services.msc in the run box. I’d also suggest downloading something like Process Hacker, Process Explorer or even svchost viewer Any of which will give you an idea about the Windows services loaded via svchost.

The only possibility I can think of for your confusion, is that svchost, by default, is used to perform DNS queries on behalf of all processes accessing the Internet. It also handles DHCP, keeps your computer clock synchronised, performs Windows updates, handles plug and play and a host :-X of other important jobs.

By the way, thank you for you ‘colourful’ reply, it reminded me I need to think about my Christmas tree and something to put it in ;D

What a very, very good idea.

Agree and even then it is most likely an understatement.

OK. I’m all FAQ-ed out searched most relevant 'how-to’s on the Dragon browser. Conclusion is I like and will keep it as my primary internet portal. Ran every malware checker I have (in tandem from a 100GB external Seagate HD) and every off site deep scans all day from CA to Trend all show malwear clean. Still on an impasse with extensions/limit to what can show on the single toolbar GUI vs what shows installed and running, and so far no work-around, cut down to 24 [tool-bar visible] NSS ® tested safe vitals, not going to OT rant about SVCHOST using Security Process Explorer 1.6 © which tells me what/every process that is moving thru my hosts/ports and NirSoft © advanced system admin tools to ‘who-is’ & trace-route any I don’t find a legit internal file, DLL or *.exe to validate or end/delete the process as required. So far all I found were a few (now gonzo) FireFox (why did I EVER install THAT ap!?!) perps? There is just too much +'s about the Comodo Dragon © browser for me to complain about when I compare it to the rest, although Opera © and Avant © come close 2nd & 3rd.
Sorry for coming in here like a pit bull on roids, but with 30+ years into military heavy-duty CCCP to Muj busting IT work OTR (1st @ home computer was an Apple IIE @ 9600 baud pre-Internet BBS days; 1981) I guess I am a ‘Legend in my own mind :o’ Enough falling on my sword! :-\ Rap this thread up and sorry for anyone who I smoked. K?

SPOVET91Bravo (U.S. Army Ret) :BNC