Told you we were working on something big......


LMAO. :slight_smile:

“I’m going to Disney Land…the one in CA”
“No…not really…It has an extra syllable at the end…”


so you really created an antibody?

HAAHAHAHAHA WOW sooo funny!! :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed Comodo!

Ya very nice :slight_smile:



And I thought they were focusing on CIS…no wonder no one is listening to my wishlist items. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it! :slight_smile:

Kim’s different faces are priceless lol

Melih Mia!! ROFL

(:LGH) (:LGH) (:LGH)

Go the “Lilywhites”…Preston north end rock(poor scientist)

Nice 1 :-TU


p.s. Your assistant is Hot/Hot/Hot

Melih Rocks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!

;D ; :-TU

Haha. Thanks for the laugh Melih :slight_smile:

Good one :-TU

That “security dude” was really earning his pay. Although he could atleast wear his uniform instead of that janitor coat. Undercover or cutbacks? ;D

“Thank you mr president, and thanks for choosing comodo to secure your website during the election” :-TU :smiley: