Todays W10 Update Disabled the Firewall (AGAIN!)

I’m sorry to say that everytime a major Windows 10 update is done, the firewall is totally disabled (i mean not working).

You have to uninstall Comodo / reboot and install it again from scratch.


What kind of security is this ? Not happy at all. And this is not new, but old BUG.

What firewall is disabled?
I keep Windows Firewall Service enabled, the firewall itself is disabled. CIS provides my firewall, and it does not become disabled with each update.

Today we got the 1607 updates for Windows 10, 64 bit.

After the installation and 2 reboots, the Comodo Firewall Showed 0 inbound and 0 outbount and ZERO network intrutions (not possible since i always had several).

So i tried to check for updates from a software i own and the firewall didn’t asked me for allow or block. Then i realized that the firewall is not working.

Same problem as the last MAJOR Windows 10 update (same problem).

My Firewall settings is Custom RuleSet.

And please don’t tell me it doesn’t happen, since it IS reported several times HERE. Please.

Removing and Reinstalling the Comodo Firewall fixes things (i hope).

4 PC update Windows 10 Pro x64
1511 → 1607
No worries CIS firewall

Something similar happened to me, but a further reboot solved it

Today my wife’s also laptop had the very same problem. Updated Windows 10 and no Comodo Firewall protection. Just like that.

And i ask again, what kind of Firewall is this, leaving you unprotected ?

I’m using Comode for 10+ years (October 11, 2006, after the ruin of Zonealarm) but i think it is time to switch.

The diagnosis of CIS is Ok ?
Windows 10 is okay ? (sfc /scannow)
Secure Boot is enabled ? (yes/no) (UEFI)

Yes everything is normal and 100% well (as 100% as Windows can be, that is …). Unistalling ComodoFW and Reinstalling fixed everything.

sfc is ok and no secure boot enabled. I didn’t check the Comodo diagnostics before uninstalling it.

And i have NO problem in doing this, BUT Comode should WARN about it. I’m pretty sure thousands of people are unprotected without knowing it and that is very bad.

??? ??
12 PC upgraded (1511 → 1607)
No problem, why you specifically ?
Is the difference to a PC ?

Two pcs, one desktop and a new HP laptop. No similarities for me. Windows 10, 64 bit.

Home pcs both, nothing strange.