Todays update makes computer unusable

Win7 pro CISC 2013 update today cause my computer to blackscreen after login. This happened all 3 times I attemped the update and was only fixable by doing system restore each time from safemode.

Cannot update and maintain computer functionality at this time.

Hi Mad-one,
Considering you have had failed updates/uninstalls/re-installs, please try running the forced uninistallers before re-installing.
Forced Uninstallers

All the best to you.

As it is not currently obvious whether this is a bug or installation issue, I will move this to the Help section of the forum.

Please let me know if this does turn out to definitely be a bug and I will move it back.

Thank you.

Hello guys,

I wonder if its related or not.
but I use Comodo as a firewall with Defense+ only.
and After last patch (yesterday) I noticed that the installation nor the firewall would run correctly.
I tried redownloading from and to my surprise… Eset NOD32 with latest detects the Kryptic.KFL trojan on all the comodo installation files… (both cispremiuninstaller.exe and cfw_installer.exe)
so no surprise the update process was mangled too (nod32 blocking the update because it had a suspicious file)

anyone can tell me What the hell is going on?

Please report this as a false positive to Eset.

To get CIS installed please add the installer to the exceptions of Eset.