Today is McFly Day

Remember this???

Today is the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future after hitting 88mph in a pimped out Delorean running on plutonium in 1985.

Now… where is my hoverboard!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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so funny…

happy McFly day everyone! :slight_smile:



Wait till you see my son with his skateboard, he comes pretty close :wink:

Um, I think today must be April 1st

But Great Scott! The date was wrong.

In fact, any diehard fan knows the day that Doc and Marty visit in the second film of the trilogy is October 21, 2015.

It is a world of hoverboards and futuristic shoes with automated laces.

While Doc does express a wish to travel 25 years ahead in time in 1985, the date is never entered onto the DeLorean’s dashboard

Sorry :-[

All the best, woz of oz

Nice to see a true fan on baord. :wink:

so there is still time to invent the hoverboard then :slight_smile:

Over at the Brighhand forum I told DTM about the hoax but he has posted this brilliant :-TU explanation. I don’t know why I didn’t see this, it’s so obvious ;D
By the way, I can’t link to the post as you must be a member to enter that section.

Now, it's really very simple.

October 21, 2015 is the date Doc Brown entered in the present before he, Marty and Jennifer went to the future. This occurred after Marty had gone back to the past and changed history, which changed the future and hence the present, thereby forcing him to correct his change in the past before he went back to the future, that is, the present. His present, that is, not ours. (Well, it was ours at the time, when we of the future were in the past.) Marty went back to the future to find the present had changed, then Doc, who had gone to the future went back to the present to take Marty and Jennifer back to the future. This allowed Biff of the future to go back to the past and change t he future, which is to say, the present, by changing the past. Thus when Doc, Marty and Jennifer went back to the present, they found that the changes in the past had affected the future, which was now the present. And that present was different than the past present in which everything was perfect in Marty’s life, and also different than the previous past present–the past past present, if you will–in which Marty’s parents were losers. This changed present forced Marty and Doc of the present to go back to the past to correct the history that Biff of the future had changed in the past, thereby restoring the future, which would become their present. But while in the past, Doc of the present was sent farther into the past–the past past–and changed history yet some more. Now Marty of the present, who was in the past–not to be confused with Marty of the past past present, who was also in the past–realized that he needed to go to the past past to help the Doc of the present, doing so with the help of the Doc of the past. While in the past past, they changed history, affecting the future which included not only the past from which Marty (and Doc) of the present had arrived in the past past, but also the present from which they had gone to the past and thence to the past past. After they had corrected the major errors in the past past–but not everything that they had changed–Marty was able to go back to the future, that is, the present. But this was the fourth present in the series–there were the past past past present, or original present, in which his family was a wreck; the past past present in which all was well and from which they had departed to the future before returning to the present, which was actually the past present–the third in the series in which Biff had his empire due to changes in the past; and now the present to which he had returned from the past past, just before the Delorean was destroyed and he met Doc for the last time. Now, with the multiple effects of the future on the past, the past on the present and the future, the present on the past, the past past on the past and the present, and at least four versions of the present–not the real present, the past which was the present in the past, before we arrived here in our present, the future–and in any one of those presents (except, perhaps for the past past present in which the gang is shown going to the future date of October 21, 2015) the historical changes in the past could have changed the present so that they went to a different date in the future, before returning to the present. One of the presents, anyway.

You’re just not thinking fourth-dimensionally!

All the best, woz of oz

Glad that doesn’t work, would be way to complex for me such life, in this present :wink: maybe in the future…

but time travel does work, just not in to the past. Check this out. please watch all parts - YouTube it will make your head spin.

remember to hit 88 ;D