Today crashed and never started again

My browser suddenly crashed, and didnt star again. I uninstalled and reinstalled but still doesnt work. I’m on windows 8. It was working perfectly so i dont think it’s a windows 8 problem. Is there any comodo dragon update today? Maybe it’s the update that causing problem.

Ed: chrome works fine by the way but i want to use comodo. :frowning:

Well I don’t know how to fix the problem is but you can use IceDragon while you w8 it is good too ;D

Hi emrextreme,
Possibly a corrupt user profile, which is not replaced with a re-install unless you chose to do so.
Please try a new User Profile.
Create New User Profile

After uninstall, deleting the dragon folder in app data & reinstall would work too, right?

Yes and you also have that option during uninstall.

Please note: Deleting that folder also removes all preferences/bookmarks etc without the ability to retrieve any if required in the future.