To the mods..

I just stumbled across some moderators IP addresses, (two) “hidden” email address along with some PM text between staff and comodo moderator… Also some info regarding the forum version and different permission levels…

Not that I think it matter that much, its not that bad, I guess its kinda what mods sees anyway… And its not my call what info should be aired in public and what not. Just thought I post this as a reminder that putting info out there for anyone to read means that anyone will read it. =/ Iam sure the mod who is airing this info is aware of it and I will not point any finger… Especially since he is one of the better mods here. :-TU :-TU

But I thought I post this as a silly reminder to people to be cautious with what you post online.

O0 :-TU

Can you please check your PM?

Haha +1 (I think I’m first though ;D)


Yes. eXPerience was first to PM… if that matters… 88) :-TU

Otherwise, I would need to change my username ;).


Has the Mods plot to take over the world being discovered (:CLP)

Unfortunately no such fancy info was exposed. 8) However if it is some day I will make sure to inform you… Anyhow the MOD in question has been contacted… So Iam going to lock this topic now… :a0

PM me if you want it re-opened for whatever reason… O0 :-TU

The world! The world! It`s the Universe we plan on… allready said to much.

You’re kicked out from now on… (telling our plans) :frowning:


I already knew that a long time ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Remember? :wink: )

Luckely, our plans weren’t completed yet ! So you only know half of it :).


I have spies too you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh ??? We have “the triade”, I bet you didn’t know about them ;D. Now where are your spies ? 88)


“Nice re-opening line!”

oO(I think I’m going to hit ‘report to moderator’)Oo >:-D

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The issue has now been resolved and taken care of accordingly. Therefore, this thread will now be closed. :slight_smile:


Therefore, this thread will now be closed.
Yeah, we already said to much :(