To the Moderators: Deleted Posts? [Resolved]

I have the feeling that some of my posts has gotten deleted (not by me).
Anyway what is the policy if you find a post or answer that you feel is unappropriated or breaks forum rules?

You totally removes it without notice/explanation?
As I believe may have happened for me in some cases. (:AGY) (:AGY)

I also have noticed that some of my postings just disappeared although they were not offensive. Perhaps it is an error in the forum software. If not I second the request that the author of this post is informed about it somehow.

Yes its wierd, I seen threads lose many posts not just mine, that Iam sure has had more postings in it.
Mayby Comodo did some Rollback database thing due to something?

To the best of my knowleadge any post deleted by a Moderator for any reason that member is always informed by PM.
There have been reports of posts disappearing in the past.
Has the Topic been merged or split at any time?
Best Wishes.

Dennis it right, we don’t remove without notifying the poster (unless it’s pure spam). I can’t tell what’s going on. ???

If it was merged or split or moved to another thread or board, verify your post history:;sa,showPosts

Thanks soya… I now see that my posts has not magically dissapeard, It had to do with topic splitting and such.

Mystery Solved :-TU

Thread Closed.