to NoPayne... this is not the way to ask for help!!!!!

on 29th Jan you made 5 postings:
Here are some excerpts:

[i]Jesus Christ!!! (or diety of your choice) Somebody help me with this beast!!!

What a total piece of ■■■■!

Crapware should be free. 2.4 won’t install correctly on many computers

Yes, it’s free. But so is the pile of dog ■■■■ in your front yard.[/i]

And now you are going around and bad mouthing us, without any effort to work with us.

Coming here and insulting the Comodo community of developers and users is not the best way to get their attention to help!

Please, I would kindly ask you to refrain doing what you are doing and work with us so that we can solve the issue you may have!


I agree.

The Comodo community is more than willing to help you.

You just need to be willing to be helped.