To Naren,I think i have found out why Threatcast has been a problem!.

This goes to Naren. Naren posted the other day that he had a problem in getting threatcast to work, and on the odd occasion it did, he said it was reacting to his own usage and not the communities.

I had cause to uninstall and reinstall Cis today and realised that i had set the security level to Cis security rather than proactive which is what i required. As soon as i did that then Threatcast started working and there were numbers from 99 to 368 that had seen the programmes. Now i too had previously few threatcast alerts and on some it was " This has been seen 1/3 times before" and no more than that. On some software it did not work at all.

Dont want to sound dumb here but it seems it only works properly in Proactive mode, am i correct?.

Read from this post down, please, concerning TC.