Please check and eventually lock the post from starwoman777, it smells like HOAX to say the least.


Hi Boris 3,

You have few options rather than creating a new thread (actually without the link to the post in question):

  • Reply in that specific thread;

  • and/ or if you indeed suspecting spam or hoax use “Report to moderator” link at the right bottom of the post


Sorry, my mistake. If the moderator will be kind enough to delete my post.

No apology required - we all like hoax & controversial cases ;D

I think someone already acted on this as I can’t find the user or his/her post is that correct?

The new virus that anti virus software’s are not capable of destroying

It’s still there. I locked it, but left it there for informational purposes.

Thanks, search must have played tricks on me as it does return a result now :embarassed:

I often think it is funny to see emails that circulate like that. Often they’ll describe some “new” method of attack, or give the virus a certain name. I don’t really care about them…because most people who start or send on those emails don’t really know much. Just take common precautions and you’ll usually be fine.

Of course, I am always interested in actually new ways a virus might attack, and something technical explaining how to avoid it. But those aren’t the types of emails ignorant teens and adults send around.

Issue solved, topic locked.

Thanks for informing us, but a faster way in the future may be using the “report to moderator” function as that sends all the moderators and administrators a personal email immediately, so instead of eventually running into a topic reporting the issue, it’ll conveniently send the information to our mailbox.

Thanks :wink: