[ To Melih ]

I submitted a ticket, could you please let me know when you get the html log of my complete system configuration?

here is a copy of what my message is

Subject: sensitive system data


I did a html log of my system to help with the development of CFP 3
could you please pass this on to Melih as I think it would help with ironing out some bugs and helping the firewall to work better with various system configurations and programs.

P.S i gave CFP 3.0 a good go for about 3 days, but i haven’t got it installed anymore due to it caused to much system instablities on my PC, but I am hoping that atleast the log of my system configuration might be useful to the developers.

with regards

Ron_75 from the comodo forum (name= Ronald)

P.S hope you don’t mind that i want confirmation that it gets to you, due to the log file being sensitive inofrmation since its an indepth breakdown detailed report of my PC hardware/software/configuration inofrmation and what not