to melih ,proof Comodo Firewall worse than windows firewall

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In the subject Comodo Firewall worse than windows firewall

Been talking about the power of Comodo firewall and especially today will offer the ability to destroy proof system and also the RAT comodo

video :

I am a hacker who made the patch who skip comodo with ease
The idea:

1 - the same program specifications TeamViewer
2 - The registration of keys Balrigstre like listening on TeamViewer
3 - unencrypted injection
4 - the same digital signature program for Tim Viewr

Thank you my friend to clarify the matter

Which security apps can block your POC?

Please possible clarify more I did not understand the question

I would like to know if writer has tested it with other security products?
Does it bypass other big players in the industry and which one of them can block it?

Could you rephrase this? I am having a hard time understanding this and other texts you write.

Please write simple sentences with one or two thoughts and proper grammar in your native language. Then use an online translator to translate to English. That way we will get language that can be understood by most of our users.

video :,to_malih.7z

If I understand correctly you give another person access to your computer by Teamviewer. Is that correct?

If you give access by Team viewer then you opened the door. Teamviewer is a trusted application so it is allowed to run drivers. That means it runs with the same rights (kernel access) as CIS and that gives it the possibility to attack CIS and any other security program in the world. What you are doing is opening the front door to a stranger and then complain the burglar alarm may get taken down.

Also or you the question to write proper English in well structured sentences as suggested to sd ahmad.

1 - the same program specifications TeamViewer 2 - The registration of keys Balrigstre like listening on TeamViewer 3 - unencrypted injection 4 - the same digital signature program for Tim Viewr
Are you using a Remote Access Tool that CIS will trust (which is not changed)? How do you inject what process?

In short. How do you come in?

I am having a hard time understanding what he is saying. His English is broken. I will have to guess what he means exactly. The two of you are probably friends

Siketa wrote a fairly decent English sentence

We may be looking at a user bypass as described in the above.

i do not test other security

But has been tested by the Kaspersky on Patch earlier


Could you answer my questions please? I want to make sure I am understanding you correctly. For as far as I understand you are showing a user bypass.

Wait for me tomorrow for the processing of restitution and the provision of information and also to improve my English

Looking forward to your reply. Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

I would also like to know whether it is possible to bypass CIS without using Teamviewer?

to malih ,proof Comodo Firewall worse than windows firewall

By the way, our dear friend is being called “Melih” (with an “e” as in ancient Greek μέλι = honey), not “Malih” (as in malware). :P0l
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If Windows Firewall is “worse”, how can we explain that there are several security suites that use it?
What is the connection between bypass the Comodo Firewall, and Windows firewall? :o

And what firewall he recommends? :stuck_out_tongue:

With so many questions, what is the breach for the answer?! ;D

yes , teamviewer is Fake not real, and if you watched video notice the difference in size Teamviewer this patch

I’m sorry. :embarassed: :embarassed:

I put this to the notice titled developers that the default settings too bad
The reason is the breakthrough default settings

And unfortunately, the exaggeration in the title ,We expect developers to improve the default settings

Patch breakthrough was workmanship by program nijRAT

Video shows the control program nijRAT

I’m sending you the patch maker and wait for reply

I can understand that some default settings can be hardened by default, but do not think it means that Comodo Firewall is worse than any other solution.
I think there is no “the best” firewall. Know the rules and know which ports should be blocked make a difference.

To demonstrate failures is necessary to test all possible configurations and in different scenarios.

Identify exploits, bugs or failures in software is important, if a critical issue is identified I have no doubt that Comodo can fix this.
If you believe that is a bug or it could be improved, please open a topic in the specific area. :slight_smile:

You can also send the sample to the Comodo perform an analysis.