To Melih. Just curiosity

To Melih. Hope you don’t find this rude or to personal. Just wondering what your computer setup is and the software you use? Totally understand if you want to keep this information to yourself. Kind regards.

I bet he is useing Norton Internet Security 2011. ;D

Hi there intrepid44. I’m not betting my house though. Maybe we should all guess or even start a poll. Kind regards to you.

He’s really using a GNU/Linux distribution and doesn’t need his own security. >:-D

First of all, I have 5 personal computers.

1 XP
2 Vista
2 Win7

3 laptops 2 desktops…

needless to say…they run CIS…

I have a VM bank where I play…some of them have CIS some don’t depending on what i want to do…(these VM banks are on a different server than my PCs.

I use both IE and Dragon. Dragon as much as I can…IE on some specific IE only things…

I am lucky that I was able to build stuff for myself :wink: CIS, Dragon, etc…so everytime i have a need for a new feature…guess what i do ;)…walk to dev team and ask them for it :)…quite cool really… :slight_smile:


On your VM Ware bank, do you test out malware and how Comodo handles it, or just early builds of new versions to see if they meet your approval, stuff like that?

You have a techies dream set up of computers. Well, especially if you mention that you have a computer with three monitors hooked to it and have a super large desktop. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to admit, I envy this guy’s setup:

3 huge monitors (or at least 2, but I think it is 3), and one or two laptops. 88)

i use 2 24inch monitors…

I don’t test malware…whats the point :wink:


I so envy that. You are one lucky geek. :stuck_out_tongue:

i am going to be designing a Control Command Center for all comodo operations… you will envy me even more when you see that :wink:


Thanks for you replies Melih. I think I can say we all envy you, but I bet it is not all fun and took a lot of hard work to get where you are now. DO you have a lot of input to the Devs or do you mainly let them go about thier thing? Thanks again and Kind regards

To Star Shadow. If your signature is anything to go by, you’re one lucky geek also. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

Thanks. I need to update it to “I’ve been hitched” or something. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m working on my second MCP at the moment. I can get very geeky at times. :stuck_out_tongue: I still need money for my three monitors and 4 way sli though. haha. Or better yet, make a wall of six 52 inch LCDs. :smiley: And play Wolfenstein 3D on that … the classic one. XD

Money what’s that. I’ve been hitched for nearly 25 years. You get less for ■■■■■■. I’m a bit behind with geeky appliances, I have one 2003 model laptop. All the best to you for a never ending honeymoon.

Cheers mate! Yep. Happily married. :slight_smile: Most of the money goes to mundane stuff like food and rent and stuff like that, so no money for geeky things … except I did save up to buy a Samsung Beam Mobile Phone. :smiley: It’s suppose to come at the beginning of October. ^^ My one geeky thing for the decade.

so everytime i have a need for a new feature...guess what i do Wink....walk to dev team and ask them for it Smiley...quite cool really.. Smiley
Now that's pretty damm sweet!!!!