To Melih. can you explain whats happened to threatcast in 3.9 beta, since 3.8 ?.

??? Hello Melih. I am a wee bit puzzled with what seems to have happened with threatcast. It was not working in 3.8477 version and i read it was nessasary to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work after a Comodo fix. That was spot on Threatcast returned with a vengeance!!, great. However i installed 3.9 on my Laptop for testing purposes and lo and behold its not working again. I get the feeling that the transition from 3.8 to 3.9 created a bug and caused this and it needs another fix?. Can you confirm if its going to be fixed in Beta please or if its likelly to be fixed in 3.9 final?. I say these things as i have seen other threads mentioning threatcast not working again.Any info will be appreciated. Aside from that i have my shiny boots ready and waiting to kick ■■■■ in v4!!.


Hmm that’s weird. Some people reported that Threatcast is not working so maybe this bug is already reported. I also use 3.9 but when I was installing it I unchecked Threatcast, after installation I “switched it on” and it is working perfectly.

i sometimes see a threatcast rating, but very rarely even with 3.9

Did you install 3.9 on top of 3.8? If so, try a clean install.

Hello EricJH, i uninstalled 3.8 using Revo at max setting and then installed 3.9 and have not seen 1 single rating since. After the last Comodo fix 3.8 suddenly came alive with lots of Tc ratings. Have you any idea what i should do in order to get the ratings back as i left the thing checked during installation to subscribe to Tc, and am puzzled as to what to do .

Regards Dave1234

I did the same as Dave, with the same results

Hi Guys,
ThreatCast services are unavailable for the moment, it will get back shortly.
It is not a bug with V3.9 BETA.


:-TU To Umesh.Thanks for the prompt reply Umesh. I am glad its just a “technichal thing” and not another bug, and look forward to a small announcement From Comodo that TC is up and working again!.